Umm, Saturation let's make it 10

Warmth 41, there done.

#NoFilter #AllNatural

But how is it that we go ahead and fidget with the icons on instagram 

If I want to be lighter I can crank up the saturation and there WHA-LAH!

Now I'm considered team light skin

Take away the extra lightening the unecessary filter and there lies a beautiful materpiece

But my face doesn't seem to shine like glitter nor does it look flawless anymore

You can see the one scar I got when I picked at a pimple right before prom

And the unecessary peach fuzz that just doesn't seem to go away

This no filter is not who I want to be seen as....


How can you not adore that the way your smile creases push up your cheeks?

Or the multiple pimples you get from eating too much grease?

You're human it's okay to break out!

How your skin shines so flawless without the need of any extra light

Your scar looks beautiful even without the low lightening that you put


Sometimes we need to not filter oursleves to learn how to embrace our outer beauty.

We all are a work of art, yes even without the unecessary saturation or the amaro effect on our pictures.






This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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