Train-wreck of a Teacher

It is 8 o'clock in the morning,

I would much rather be in bed snoring.

You keep pestering us with your questions,

I would like to leave you with some suggestions. 


It is too early to care about what you have to say,

We're all in a bad mood and not ready to start our day. 

Just let us be, and you do you and teach what you need to teach,

We'll all be picturing ourselves anywhere else-quite possibly a beach.


We probably don't know the answer anyway,

You aren't a very good teacher, I'm sad to say. 

You talk to yourself and not the class,

Honestly you are kind of an ass. 


You talk down on us like we are five

You make it hard to for us to thrive.

We don't want your baby voice,

We all know you are doing it by choice.


You are actually quite mean,

You are too old to remember what it is like to be a teen. 

We don't sleep all night long and look forward to your class,

We go out some nights, and are made of sass. 


Now teacher please be sympathetic,

We aren't all that pathetic.

We want to grow and learn,

You just make our stomach's churn. 


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