The Tragedy of Maybe


Maybe it’s been two years
Having a teacher crush
Maybe I’m completely fine
Book chats
Maybe those issues have dissolved
Smirking eyes
And I will never pry
Words that aren’t all that appropriate
For details of an amour that will never be mine

Again, you see, but maybe I’m lost
It’s been months since I seethed
with a rage so heartbroken
it spoke of betrayal

“How could you do this?”
it screamed.
“How could you seep deeper and deeper
into my veins until the delusional love
pumped fully and took over
a once innocent girl?
How could you become afraid
and never speak to me again?”

Maybe none of this happens
Maybe it’s all inside my head
Maybe you were noble and kind
and I’m reaching for something that will never be there

Really, it doesn’t matter.
Really, I’m just a massive flaw
of a girl so helpless she invented a love.

Maybe you shouldn’t have spoken so sweetly
Having a teacher crush
You should have known I sought attention of one in a different time
Book chats
Maybe I shouldn’t have cared about those
Smirking eyes
But now here we are
Words that aren’t all appropriate
You have your wedding ring tan lines

and I just throb.


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