, A Rapunzel Retelling

Once upon a time, a baby girl with hair that could keep someone young forever was born to a king and queen, but one day an old woman named Gothel kidnapped the baby for her own selfish desire. She isolated her in a tower. But, on Rapunzel’s 18th birthday she found a hidden panel in the floor! She curiously opened it and found a laptop within. So many things she could search! Where would she begin?? Then as if it was magic, an ad appeared on the screen, it said, “If your 18+ and single, sign up now for Towersmingle!” Excited, rapunzel’s clicked on the ad! She did not know what it meant to be single, but she signed up anyways! She then created her profile as any other would, detailing that she has magical hair that glows when she sings and that she has never met another human outside of her mother, although she has dreamed of that.  Rapunzel’s scrolled through the listings, they included, Prince Charming, Urbatowerlover101, and last but not least Olger. Rapunzel’s clicked on Olger and sent him one of the automated messages “If you’re as handsome as your tower, then I’m up for a date!” She waited and waited for a response. Rapunzel didn’t know how to handle the waiting! It was the most nerve-wracking part of the process. So in the meantime, she painted the walls, consulted with her chameleon on why he was taking soo long to reply and whether or not to send another message. Millions of thoughts swirled through her young brain. “Does he think my tower is weird?” “Oh no, I hope he isn’t scared that my hair maintenance would be too expensive if we were to date.” “Am I getting too serious too fast?” “Ugh, I hate boys, or I hate boy, technically, since this is the only one I’ve ever come in contact with.” Then the laptop lit up! Was it him? Rapunzel ran to the computer! IT WAS! He asked had asked her to go with him on a date to see the floating lights! Rapunzel quickly accepted and ran to tell her mother of the great news! Sadly, Gothel was not as excited as rapunzel, in fact, she wasn’t excited at all. Gothel went on to explain to rapunzel’s the dangers of dating websites and how, if someone so pleased, could copy and paste their photo from Google images. Some men even used *GASP photo’s from when they were in high school!! Discouraged, rapunzel’s went back to her room. Later, that evening she heard a knock, seemingly coming from her window! She hesitantly approached the window… It was Olger! He had come to pick her up for the date and climbed up using his eagle scout, rope skills! Impressed, rapunzel went along with him. They soon arrived at the floating lights, it was such a perfect first date destination!! One lantern floated so close that rapunzel could read the wish written on it! It read “Rapunzel, if your out there, we love you, come home. Love, Mom & Dad.” Rapunzel thought this was rather odd considering she had the same name! She told Olger and he realized he was on a date with the lost princess! After the date he told her who she really was and reunited her with her family! Needless to say, Towersmingle got a 5 star review from Rapunzel and Olger who later got married! Rapunzel ended up donating her hair to locks of love so that another little girl might enjoy the healing powers of it! Everyone lived happily ever after!


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