Toward Truth


Sharing the knowledge of my obtained wisdom

With young minds, eager to learn and flourish

Is the most noble of desires that can be had


Yet is it just that easy? Or are there unforeseen obstacles to overcome?

Will I be like Socrates, executed by the state for corrupting the youth?

Is philosophy really a worthy subject to die for? I can't think of any better!


To inspire profound questions that have never been asked before

Causing students to honestly examine their beliefs and arguments

Leading them this way and that, through the labyrinth of the mind


Surpassing those that came before us,

Crafting an elegant and elaborate design

Before tearing it down to start anew

But what is required of me first?

Before I ascend to that glorious position

Of being a college professor of philosophy.


Years more of education, certainly.

Years more of personal growth,

A complete transformation

of my wallflower status

Easier said than done.


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