A touch of a hand

Maybe we lost our way, not recently

that's evidentely, empathy is no longer 

available in this piece of land

like alchemy principles, to gain is to give.


Long are gone those days of calmness

when wars were deemed as senseless

though we evolved as a society

we lacked the direction towards humanity.


Chaos rules the land of the hopeless

Greed is the fuel of this industrialized machinery

who feeds on the horrors of mankind as it progresses

indeed progressing, but never learning.


In This time of decay, some of us must see the way

that which leads to see ourselves as pawns in the picture

not powerful by ourselves, but a common enemy we must slay

as we understand our role, it matters even more.


Those at top always gazed over our intimate fear of their existence

looking down on us, a herd so manipulated to its core

that we started to turn into them

but not all of us, even a seed in the wasteland shall keep its hope


Beating them at their game its impossible, war shall be paid in blood

anger is pacified with loss, let's not be reckless

let's show them why we stood the test of time 

while they look amazed as we unite beyond frontiers.


We all share the same air, see the same sky, feel the same anxiety

mourn the same atrocities, shut the same injustice, 

point the finger at the same responsibles, understand the same needs

but we can't unite, cause as a group we can't decide.


Maybe a group was never enviosioned to follow the same pattern

we share a goal, but not the context, that must not matter

we all came to live in a world with the same dictators

so if we are not part of them, who's to say we are not the saviors.


Perhaps a touch of a hand is what's dividing words into actions

should we let aside our feelings and force a global eruption

one which shakes the grounds of their world and causes commotion

as deep as the ocean, maybe that's a metaphore to a lifelong devotion.


We dwelt so deep into our subconscious, that we lost vision

that mankind is free to live, with no limitation nor restriction

no binding shackles, no tying debts from those who pretend

to light the world we live, but at the same time feed us from their hand.


One day we will all understand, not to stall the revolution

where we shall see with a naked eye every problem that leads to our destruction

not the rush it, but pace ourselves to prepare for the limit

in a world where hand in hand, we dethrone corruption.




This poem is about: 
Our world


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