Torn & Broken



She loved him

So she gave him her heart

While placing it in his hands

She smiled and said

Because I care for you

I give you my heart

Which holds nothing but love for you

This love for you

Is more than special

And has no affordable price

It is a jewel, my love for you

Stronger than a Diamond

More beautiful than Mother Nature

And deeper than the great blue oceans

And its all just for you

He took it and wore it as a garment

But it did not tame his wild ways

He swung it around

Sometimes even forgot to put it on

There was one day

Where they saw each other again

She saw that her heart, which she gave him

And it was beaten

Trashed, torn and broken

She asked for an explanation

He shrugged his arms

Blaming the nation

So reluctantly she gave him a new one

All sparkling

All brand spanking new

But the new one he did worse

He broke it uneven

So now it was unevenly torn

Why do you keep doing this

Tearing and beating my heart that I keep giving you

He kissed her falsely

Calm down bae,

Simple tape can fix this

I'll prove it to you

And I'll even provide a new heartbeat

She half believed him

But again she gave a new heart to him

She felt as she had no choice to trust him

But this time her heart was empty like a shell

No love absolutely nothing there

She tried CPR even shock therapy

But nothing brought her heart back to life

Yet he still had a tight grip on her heart

He no longer cared at all

Not caring he torn beaten and broke her heart

He was oblivious to the fact that it was even empty

He just placed it in his back pocket

And forgot he even still had his heart

Soon the girl died

And just walked the Earth as the living dead

Yet he walked around happily

And ended up with another girls heart instead

But instead of destroying hers

He wore at a priceless gem

He even forgot he still had the other girls heart

In his back pocket

Empty torn and broken

Never to see the sight of love again

-Diondra A Harmon


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