Tormented souls


Please pay no attention to what is behind the door, she no longer is important since I have taken over she matters to no one but herself, but I hear the sadness in her screams, could you be so cruel as to forget her existence. I forget because society tells me that this is not what I am supposed to be they say that she is in another era so far away. She use to voice her opinions and was meet with complete awe of her strength and grace but because her voice carries they silenced her with the chain of society or have I become a slave to it. I thought I was protecting her from the burdens that the world gave me and I could not overcome. I don’t know her anymore, even though she lives within me. I try to placate her with elegant calligraphy and take her to worlds that she can escape to, find solace in the imaginary, for when she returns my shame will be in the mist of the pollution that she breathes in. I don’t understand this I don’t know who I am, what is my purpose and the plans that may lay. I remember her, she use to smile with the innocence of a child who knew only love and sometimes she escapes and they see a glimpse but then they also see her pain, I am her shield but what am I protecting her from and who am I should I just be her, or should this protective owner be the face brave enough to come out the rabbit hole that I have created as a barrier to the little girl that lives here. I even heard her so much that I thought to silence her and me so then we could live in blissfulness, but she convinced me that that should not be. So I walk on the road not taken, it was not painted in gold like the ones others had taken but in blood, tears, anger, and confusion, but in between love escaped and so we will unravel down this road because those qualities are what we know as life and we want to find who we are and create our own path that we guide to our destiny.


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