Torment of The Heart

To my first love, 


The exquisite pain in feeling your love, it was the very thing that kept me alive

Whether it was when we were friends, lovers, you were always by my side

We delved into each others’ souls pouring out our lives across the table

But after things changed, I didn’t know if I would be able

That same mischievous, but lovely smile

It was once so welcoming and then I didn’t see it for awhile


She was capturing your wonderful eyes now, a look that I was dying to feel

But your warmth left so suddenly the cold surrounding me became more real

My soul felt empty, because I had given you my all

But sometimes one’s all is someone else’s nothing at all


I have to thank you though, because now I know what is true

It’s not that I wasn’t good for you

It was because you couldn’t fathom the immense love that I had for you

I don’t resent you for what you did, you had our friendship in mind

But to walk out of my life, I searched for a reason and could not find


I owe you my thanks for teaching me how it feels to feel 

To fall in love, and have it be something real


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