Too Much


I’m feeling overwhelmed
Here I am drowning
Fighting for air
Beneath a sea of paper and books
Where is the life that I used to know?
The life of happiness
The life of pure enjoyment
So carefree and optimistic
But now it’s just about the next deadline
The next paper to be written
The next book that has to read
How soon can it be done?
How quick can the next lesson be crammed in?

I am there to be taught
By a teacher
By a “higher knower”
Instead, I get buried
I get overloaded
I get hours of information shoved down my throat
Information that that is typically useless
Information that will be forgotten as easily as it was taken in

Help me learn
Teach me to be successful
Make me “career ready”
Why can’t education be fun?
Why must it always be dreaded?
Stop wasting my time
I’m barely an adult
Stop wasting your time
You have better things to do
With constant writing
With endless reading
With ceaseless fact finding
Let me know I matter
Prove that I’m not just another person helping to pay your salary
I’m a ready and willing student
Take pride in your teaching!


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