Too Late

Sat, 01/02/2016 - 01:43 -- QwaniaD

A female reflection of the man who
is half of me. Created in love she
says I was so why do you act angry with me?

Mom, why are you sad? I am here now just as
you have asked
Daddy gave you what you wanted, Me

Mom, where are we going? We have crossed
many state lines as tears continued to
flow from her pretty brown eyes

You look sad but telling me that you are glad,
that you are moving on into a new chapter
in your life
Mom, what does that mean? Where's dad?
Do not speak of him my child
He is no longer a part of our family

Dear child meet your new dad
Call him dad. He pays the bills, that's the
least you can do to show your appreciation

Mom, can I please call dad?
Don't you get it dear, dad is no longer
a part of our family
You have a new dad, he buys you clothing,
call him dad

Mom, why would dad leave me?
Why do you get upset with me
when I ask about him?
Why do you threaten to punish me
if I speak of him?
Does he not love me?

I sneak and call dad while mom is in her room
No answer.

Two months later I sneak and call dad while
Mom prepares dinner
No answer.

Daddy sends me a letter
He is coming to get me Saturday
It's now Sunday, no dad

Ten years later I search for dad
I found him
I can't understand a word he says

Dad is sick, Dad is dying

This poem is about: 
My family


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