In Too Deep

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In Too Deep



I'm air

I can't breathe...I can't think

All around me is water--a torrential storm

I should be afraid, I should be scared

But I am not....

For some strange reason, one that I cannot fathom,

I feel safe--secure, at peace

I'm in my element...

The water is my haven

While others are fighting, clinging desperately unto life

I am succumbing

The water, despite its capricious moods, is my friend

My comfort...

I should be afraid, I should be terrified,

But I am not...

I am a mermaid, a sea-nymph, a siren of time old

While others are fighting, fighting desperately to hold on

I am succumbing, allowing the water to purify me

Like a once foreign creature now reborn

Others might say that I am in too deep

That I'm well past the point of no return

I should be afriad, I should be frightened

And yet, I am neither one...

The water is my Mother

And I, her child, once long lost and now returned

The water embraces me with her waves

And I, her once forgotten child, is now returning home...



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