Sat, 08/03/2013 - 22:40 -- sageflo


After full contemplation over the bology of humanity I realized  i am stuck with  the ignorance of my generation,
generating the belief my blood is different ,
My skin
My accent
My demeanor and stature
Are all intolerable factors which people use to question my humanity , or just my sexuality and my overall ethnicity
All intolerable facts that make up an outcast of society
My society ,as it turns out has officially turned  its back on me
On my presence ,
Wen my generation was presented as the age of technology &tolerance ,
Teaching us from a young age that we should tolerate and appreciate but by my own generations definition tolerance is swearing, judgement and slurs
As if words like fagot  and quire were mere nouns used as common curtisy , contradicting the common dictionary the real meaning of tolerance
The ability to tolerate the existence of behavior one does not agree with,
Promising to accept us but I guess Webster rewrote the definition if not y  Do they already have the return to sender stamp ready to brand us with when you don't fit in the borders of ur stereotype
Which leaved me begin Typing a essay about all i have to say about all my intolerable factors which were always my favorite facts about myself  until I looked into the mirror I thought about how intolerable my presence must be
And then wen I saw the full picture i stopped and began to see sum thing special amazing realizing how cant you accept me wen I had words flowing in my vain
In my heart
In my mind
All these words bottled up
Until that first and last drop of blood
Exposing my real voice
And that was the day I declined society from branding me
Declaring that i was never an outcast to society
Demanding to no why I was always bound to my stereotypical boundaries
If ur black  u have to sag and slang
If ur a Man Your tough
And if ur a woman your suppose to be polite
But wat if that's not wat your llike
If you like some the same u ur called Soft sweet or just plain gay
And If your white u have to be the one saying all these things
After contemplating about the bology of humanity I've come to realize I'm stuck with the ignorance of my generation
Being that they keep placing themselves in their stereotypical categories becus of there vanity and for the fear of being branded a outcast
But i have word
and as long as i can speak U will hear me when i say who are you to tell me that I can take off my mask  becuz ur scared to
i will always proudly be the tolerant intolerable zebra smiling in this herd of faceless elephants


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