Told me

They told me I could be anything, but they never told me how
And I would like to be something, but I guess I already should be by now…
They told me I was free to dream, but then said my dreams weren’t real;
And so to me it seems, I can only be the way that they tell me to feel…
They told me to spread my wings, then said I couldn’t fly;
And I accepted every false offering, but was told to never question why…
They told me to live my life, then gave me lines I must stay in;
And when I was faced with strife, I was told that I had sinned.
They told me to be happy, then pushed me to the ground,
And so I hid in misery, and dared not make a sound…
They told me all these things, and I accepted them as truth,
But I know now that age brings, the destruction of this youth.


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