Togetherness Versus Separation

Is the life that I'm living truly mine?

Am I dreaming or awake?

Dead or alive?

Sometimes I cannot even

tell, because I'm under love's spell.

Love's spell, a thing, noun

a spell that

unifies both people that

are involved in the thing known

as a "serious relationship"


blinds at least one of the

them, making life more

perfect than it already is,


on a scale of 1 to 10 is in

the hundreds, maybe a thousand

happiness skyrockets as

people are

seen as the paragon of

that sex, and some weight

is gained, it seems okay.

After some

time this spell wears off

and people begin to yell, curse, and

get into their significant

other's face

and fight, become very

dissatisfied with them, this keeps on

going, until you either

snap or

get over the bump

and you two go on with your mended

lives a little crippled


pretty much the same

you live, you love, you fight, you live

you love, and then you

fight more

And hopefully it ends

resolved and not in brutal separation.



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