Today's world through MY eyes


Can't stop these feelings that are dining on me eating away at my brain while you all stay sain.  Living my life on a heart beat feelings up and down can't stop the heat. Spilling out my feelings that no one can see my minds going crazy living on a dazing even though you see me down, I'm flying through the sound of your voice your criticism can't stop me. Sitting in seeing the kids that are living in this place that only we call hell. Thinking of our lives seeing them fly by only stoping on the signs we think can keep time for us. Keeping us from moving on from the life we need to leave behind , not wanting to drop the dime on us, living to see you die in frount of us. We need need out of this hell. Clawing our way through the swells of this sea the mutilation of our society Wanting to see the day when we can say this place we call our home is our sanctuary. Needing our strength to move along fighting our internal battles that no one seems to see. The doubt of others following me pushing me down in the ground finally you get to this moment where we can be free of our memories. Come live with me maybe you will see why my life is Misery. Nothing can save me from this kind of crazy, I cant be normal no one can stop the trouble in my head. My life leaving behind the consequences of the things we see, in our minds living far from death needing to see the truth but not yet. Cant live off the grime from the bottom of the scene forced down on the chain by the fame and money wasting away at the working class letting us down we can't seem to pass. Needing the first sign of glory fighting for our right to go on, the lesson is learned don't leap to conclusions they might burn. Being told what to do limits on this so called freedom . We work for our life coming home to honey bills needing paid and it takes more then money.


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