In Today's World


In today's world, 

A woman has to walk with her head held high, 

But still constantly checking behind her back,

Because of the constant threat of rape,

Or death. 


In today's world, 

A woman is told what she isn't allowed to wear,

Because it will provoke men.

Because it will tempt men. 


In today's world,

When a woman suddenly wears a short skirt, 

Or if she puts on a tanktop that might be low cut,

She is suddenly irresistble. 

Suddenly, when she says no it really means yes,

Suddenly, she was asking for it. 


In today's world,

Instead of teaching young boys,

That no means no, 

We teach young girls to cover up, 

Not to provoke men,

Not to tempt them,

When it's hot, be sure you're not too bare,

Don't try to feel sexy,

Because then they will rape you,

And it will be all your fault. 

In today's world, 

A woman is seen as a sexual object, 

She is a slut when she sleeps with a man,

And she's a bitch and a prude when she says no,

Her opinion is no longer respected. 


In today's world,

Men kill women that won't go out with them,

And it's considered the woman's fault,

Because she said no.


In today's world,

There is media everywhere,

Saying no means yes.

When did no stop meaning no?

I'll tell you the answer,

In today's world. 


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