Today is yesterdays tomorrow

Today is yesterdays, tomorrow

Tomorrow will be yesterdays, today

But what will friday be?

It will be tomorrows, tomorrow, today

Why is this important?

Maybe not to you, nor the rest of the world

But that day is the most important day of my life

For on that day, things where said, choices where made

That influenced my life today

More that you will ever know

If was seventeen years ago, on tomorrows, tomorrow that everything changed

It started with a fight.

The two people that should have loved me the most argued and left

Both making bad choices was the end for one of them

A car waited for her after one had gone

Not just any car, it would be her last

She left with another under intoxication, someone not worth her time

Not worth her friendship, not worth her life

It only took seconds for everything to change

In that moment she was taken

Stolen from everyone because of poor choices

You may not ever understand what this day means to me

The thought of me wishing to have been there will aways be close by

The truth is, my life changed, before I even knew what I had

Things are different, as I grew I learned

Nothing but the truth is what I tried to find

But on that day, what I had was taken, lost, beyond my control

For a reason I know was not worth it

I hope that the people who caused this, may always feel pain

Just as I do, I hope they feel what they have put me through

But that day, but only ten years ago

The day my life changed again

A boy was born

What are the odds of that?

Something wonderful would happen on that day

For a moment I could forget everything

See that day in new eyes, hoping it would be like that forever

Yet, that day will always be a day to remember for me

A day that the life of the one I loved most was lost

And a day that one of the most important people in my life was found

So today may be yesterdays, tomorrow

But I hope to make tomorrows, yesterday, better than it has been.

For today, Will be just another day I will try to remember forever.


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