Tired of fighting

Laying here in bed
Feeling emotionally unavailable
An explosion in my head
Tired of fighting for everyone
If I don't, they may leave
Or found dead
I'm the fixer
I need the fixing
Mixed feelings
Tired of feeling
Going over our last fight
Continuously in my head
Standing up for what I believe
Feeling wrong within
feeling like I am too much
If I wasn't then why no fuss
Why do I come to you
With concerns of yesterday
Why do I lay here
feeling unheard
Like an annoying bird
Nagging in my ear
Whispering I'm worth the world
I'm worth fighting for
Sweet words
escape your lips
I need action
Beyond the script
You understood
from day one
Yet why so many times
I just want to run
Promised you'd take extra careful
Of this heart
Why can't you just do what I say
If I'm not too much
I must be easy
For what I desire
It's burning inside me
I'm tired
of reaching out
I want to be reached you see
I want to feel I'm not the only one
Not quit on me
Don't tell me you can't make me happy
Don't tell me it's not exactly what I asked for
Tell me you will do what it takes
You won me before
Win me again



That's pretty deep I love this poem. It's exactly how I feel there's days I feel misunderstood.


Aww thank you and yes!

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