Fri, 02/26/2016 - 12:05 -- MyraB18

Have you ever lost the lack of sleep

because the thoughts in your head become too deep?

It dwells on your mind 

because most people cannot ever decide

It seems to me nowadays its better to have death 

because no matter which way you turn its like losing your last breathe

Going through the days just getting more depressed is a daily routine

trying to either careless or caring but your stuck in between

Never giving up is harder then it seems

the more things happens, the negativity is what you start to believe 

Anything can happen just like that 

thats why you gotta check your surroundings and watch your back

i dont understand why people have a "trust issue"

because you seem to run back to the person that hurt you as soon as they hit you with the "i miss you"

i stay to myslef most of the time 

because i try to cope with myself without choosing a side

its like im trying to understand what my change needs to be

having people by your side is not a guarantee

its time for me to make a stand upon my path 

settling for less would just be an aftermath

they say patience is the key to success

because getting to where you need to be takes progress

left or right you never know which way is good

thats why some people have misconceptions and misunderstoods

why can a person have so many decision? 

and why do we have so many people forgetting their occupation and their ambtions

standing in the mist of love and hate

makes it hard to focus or concentrate

the situations now are like the same old things

ripping your heart out that wasnt attatched to no strings

im just tired of pretending, tired of the lies, tired og the sorrows

tired of being sad....tired of it all


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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