It’s far past midnight

And my eyes hurt from the screen light,

But my mind won’t let me sleep

Because into every thought, you seep.


You’ve colonized my mind;

In every crevice, it is you I find.

I want to hold and kiss and love you,

But some days, I’m too tired to.


Exhaustion is my sickness,

And I am sorry that you have to bear witness.

Some days are harder than others,

But thinking of you, my heart flutters.


Someday, my exhaustion will leave me

Only to be replaced by glee, I believe.

I hope you will still be here,

Because to my heart, you will always be near.


Please bear with me on this journey.

Some days may be stormy,

But others will be filled with sunshine.

By the end, I hope you’re still mine.


I want passion and love.

There’s nothing better I can think of

Than to always have you by my side,

With our love reaching far and wide.



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