Tiny Dancer

Tiny dancer, fastened to her tree
High above; the earth below.
Poised, ready: autumn prompts
Costumed, she tiptoes close...
She's dressed in nature's finest,
Coverings so delicate, ever-changing
Hues of amber, stunning reds :
This is her curtain call.
Tiny dancer falling from the sky
Pirrouetting off her twiggy perch
Then twirling gently, gradually,
Descending to the ground below
While in her mid-air journey
She joins a fancy troupe:
This spray of red and yellow
Applauded by the wind
Begin their spinning, tumbling
With ease, displaying grace,
Puttting on a grand performance
Then resting, content, on earth
Note: Fall is a favorite time of the year, but can vary from warm days to harsh, cold winds. I love the cycle of leaves.
by David C Rogers
© Copywritten by David C Rogers 2018

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Our world



Woweeee wowwww this is the most marvellous  fall autumnal creative poem I have ever read I'm sure. Each stanza is a masterpiece to nature and muse. Kudos aplenty. This really delights my poetic senses immensely as your muse pirouettes and twirls gracefully.

i have an unposted poem on autumn too, slightly similar to yours but yours is too awesome.


Thank you. This one came as I was working, watching the leave blow off the trees.


I would welcome reading your poem. What are your thoughts on the piece I posted called Sparkle?

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