You tried to save me, you did

But I was already lost in the blue

And skating on the yellow

You would’ve never found me there

And I wish I could’ve been more of a friend to you

A lover, someone you could run to

But I was already gone in the gloom

And you would’ve never believed me

When I say I love you

I want the pressure to feel just as good

So when we meet again you’ll remember

You bring me into a land of red

But I crave the fall back into blue

When the world turns yellow

I want to run back to you

But you need that support too

And red may be good enough for you

But I want the caress to be better and blue

So that when I stumble on yellow

I can remember what it was like with you

Instead of what it was like for you

I dream on melting rainbows

And my wings are tinted heavy with gold

You could make my blood run red again

If only I could learn how to let you in

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