At times when I get

At times when I get lost I try to find you, you know to give me space when it's time to in my best common voice you put smiles on me put hope in me you be the joy in me. Man I'm starting to get feelings for I leave and a week from now I'm already missing you feeling bad when I'm having good laughs without you. I just wish you could of been here to experience this with me I just wish you was here to make memories with me. Man I know I'm hard to like sometimes, hard to deal with sometimes I bet you be wanting to get rid of me somedays and I know my pancakes that day wasn't that best but you ate them anyway and I appreciate that because you ain't even have to do that. The fact that you even attempting to cook more when u said you wouldn't is effort to me and I like that you can't stop looking at me. It's like the sight of me excites you and nah it's not all about sex with you but that shit got ya girl feeling special and shit. The fact that you Like a best friend and a lover is like a win win a 2 in 1. I could joke with you and kiss you in the same minute. You get on my nerves but I can't get enough of you at the same time. And nah I'm not in love or nothing like that but you just got this thing about's like I can't get enough..

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