Time's Persistence

Inspired by the piece "Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dalì


Unicorns have an eon long feud

with leprechauns –- a war of misconceptions.

Some believe that leprechauns are a miniscule threat.

Imps capable of turning time,

weeks to years, hours to seconds.


Unicorns, of course, know better than to be deceived

by the elves, having a trick up their own horns.

They cast illusions;

the feeling of weightlessness falling off a cliff

feet first

upside down yet right side up.


We are only ants.

Everyone has a job, a purpose,

somewhere to be, something to do

all to please an imaginary queen that might bestow upon them grace.


Isn’t it funny that we - “humans” - are the only beings in the universe

to measure time and memory?


Leprechauns know that time can be shaped by whim.

Unicorns are aware that memory is yielding,

Dalì stores memory in the reflection pool of lies, a body seemingly with no end.


While leprechauns and unicorns feud (over matters too complex for our logic),

we claw our way to the center of comfort, which lies in time and memory.

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Our world
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