The Timeless Equation

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 21:43 -- goner

When I picture you,

I don't visualize your body,

Because there are over a billion 

People on this planet, and there 

Are an infinite amount of chromosome

Combinations that were used to make out

The canvas of your inner being.

So how the fuck am I supposed to know what you look like?



When I think of you,

I think of physics.

Not because I like physics.

I hate it more than Ted Mosby

Despises New Jersey.

I envision you

(More specifically,

You and I)

As physics

Because I want us to be

(Vf^2-Vi^2) / 2a=d.

"Vf" being the final velocity,

"Vi" being the initial velocity,

"a" being the acceleration, and

"d" being the distance.


And I imagine this equation

Whenever I think of you

Because every single day,

I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to you at

A more rapid rate.

And although the speed at which I'll meet you was 

Hindered by the initial thought process that

I would never find love again,

The gravity of a whole new start has doubled the 

Opportunity of finally meeting you to such an extent

That the distance between you and I becomes

So small that it almost reaches zero. 


Of course, "d" will never equal zero in terms of my equation.

But that's where you come in,

Balancing out my quirks and imperfections

With faith and understanding. 

And when we finally meet at zero,

Our equation will finally live up to its name.


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