Time without you

oh how i wish i could rewind

i wish that i could turn back time

of all the things that i have said

oh how i wish that she weren't dead

with a heavy heart i fall asleep

with all the secrets that i keep

and the only wish i'd like to see

is my beloved here with me


if only time were not so mean

i could take back the things i've seen

i've buried the things she used to own

oh how it chills my every bone

i wear this smile on my face

so that no one will find a trace

of sadness left inside my mind

but there are things i cannot hide


the heart within me always breaks

with every single beat it makes

my entire world has lost it's speed

my life,my love, has lost it's heat

a single letter on a page

could not make a single change

i ask of you, is it a crime

for me to want to turn back time?

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