Time Management?


"You need to learn to manage your time!",

Say all the teachers, sharing the same paradigm

that all students are the same and learn at the same rate.

This is not true. This is the one things we truly hate.

I, as a student, have many things to do,

such as band, a full schedule, sports, and homework after school.

Yes the homework assignment or classwork is important,

but sometimes it is important to also be leniant.

I wish that some teachers would understand,

that turning in late assignments is not always planned.

I spend about 10-13 hours everyday at school,

and when I think about it, it makes me feel like a fool

because I am dedicated and I always try my best

but teachers think poorly of me, like I am just the rest

of the students around me, which isn't true,

because I stay up doing homework everyday until two.

All I want is for teachers to manage their time and

to be leniant and helpful and just really understand

that it is just impossible to do everything at once while get some rest.

Then maybe, just maybe I would do well on my tests.


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