Time Is Limited


My time is coming, I cannot bare the thought;

Why do I deserve this, why does it feel like I rot;

The doctor said it wasn't going to be too long;

I hate the words, hoping and praying he's wrong;

The pain is thick, forcing tears to my eyes;

I'm not prepared for this, I don't want to say goodbye;

I sit here and hope that a miracle will prevail;

I refuse to let go, my ship will not yet sail;

The Lord is my keeper, forever and always;

It's so spiritual here, I can feel it in the hallways;

This hospital is my home, has been for sometime;

But it feels like a prison, however I've never committed a crime;

I sit here and count my days that are numbered;

Till I fall asleep peacefully into an inevitable slumber; I'm not afraid for my family is near;

But deep inside, I should have so much to fear;

The nights are cold, but the days seem colder;

I can't stand these feelings, I just want it to be over;

I know I'll be ready when the time truly appears;

I will be brave, that much I know is clear;

People don't understand what it feels like to have limited time;

But now I'm okay with it, for this time is mine;


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