Time To Let Go

I've followed orders

Basically all my life

I made sure to not cry in public, or even make a scene

I would bow my head politely, when it was needed

They say they would never stop me

Yet that's what they decide

They say I'm still young

To innocent to go in the world

Dear mother and father

my two older sisters

I would like to state a simple truth

That I'm not a little girl anymore

When i needed guidance from an older sibling

I was left alone

And told that i needed to find out on my own

Now you decide to care

But I believe you shouldn't dare

You've never said enough before, and you are no longer in control

I've grown plenty and have been following orders far to long

I've said the same words over again, they've become a chorus to a song

Mother and Father, I have learned long enough

I may not be perfect

But I've grown really strong

It's time to let me go

And be on my own



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