The Time I Had

I became busy with things and stuff

I forgot to make time for what was important in life

I woke up and it was January the first and everything was starting new,

it was cold.

The sort of cold that sets deep into your bones that you cannot get away from.

The world was bundled up and ready to take on new life, but then i blinked and it was April.

The weather was changing and becoming warm again 

and the flowers were blooming

and the birds, they were singing

but I took it for granted. I decided I didn't have time to take in the beauty.

I blinked again and it was October, chilly October, my favorite time of year.

The flowers were gone, replaced by the fallen leaves that had gone from green to a kaleidoscope

orange, red, yellow, and brown.

I didn't have much time to admire their beauty.

I blinked once more and it was 11:59, December 31st.

The world was preparing to start over and begin new again.

Me, I was still stuck in January trying to figure out where the time had gone.

Trying to figure out how I had realized it was passing so quickly.

Then it was Midnight and an entire year had gone by without me appreciating the time I had.

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