A Time to Grow

I do not wish this upon anyone

One day we were young playing games

Doing what all kids did, played outside and had all kinds of fun

We had many endless days imagining fame


Little did we know…

God had other plans for our friendship and dreams

He needed you and it was your time to go

I felt my heart ripping and tearing from the seam


Little did we know…

No more pictures, only memories, you see

It changed my life and I had to learn and grow

I realized it was time to let it go and to rediscover me


She made me realize I have so much to live for

Continue growing and fulfilling my dreams, anticipating what's in store

Love one another, help, and cherish every moment

Look for opportunities and enjoy experiences that are God sent


Little did we know…

That she’d always be here with me, continuing to help me grow

This poem is about: 
My family
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