Time To Create

Fri, 06/14/2013 - 20:28 -- Nina


United States
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So much talent,
And I know I have the energy
I see beauty in everything.
In every blade of grass
In every piece of trash,
I see intricacy.
The problem is finding the time,
The time to create.
But I have so much time
I find it hard to concentrate.
I get an epiphany, and soon after
Bombarded with another
There’s no time,
No time to enunciate.
So maybe I’m just a genius,
With so many ideas
That I just can’t finish the first,
That’s a good idea!
Continue… it’s gone.
Goodness, it’s hard to
When you feel overwhelmed.
Overwhelmed by the inconsistency.
No need to rhyme and prose.
What’s so fun about conformity?
Until professor wants you to feel that
He knows.
Then you dot your i’s and cross your t’s
And let him know you won’t move those toes!
You are rooted and you won’t stop.
NO! We won’t adhere to your set format!
And yes! We will write crazy nonsense
that will make your brain fry.
But what is life and love without liberty?
Create with Integrity!
Honesty! Simplicity! Incorruptibility!
But write it down,
Because in the end
You have idea one, two and three
With the ending you never created.


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