Keep your ears open, listen to your first mind.
9 times out of 10 you'll be right everytime.
There's no purpose in starting a fight about what's wrong or right.
Like always, the truth will always find it's way to the light.
Karma will find even the most lost souls, sooner or later consequences will blossom & unfold.
All because of lie after lie after lie you've told.
You can keep your counterfeit wolf tickets and shiny fools gold.
Genuine love cant be bought, traded, or sold.
Should have stood firm under pressure, real grown up type shit, abided by the code.
This book was wide open for you, what a good read it was a real page turner, but your actions made it shut close.
Put it back on the shelf between living right, humble and being a narcissistic asshole.
Don't keep re-reading the same book hoping the story line will change, that's insane.
Who pursues more pain with no lessons learned or changing gains?
Time to let go of this stubborn stain, every since you allowed it to enter your world everything appears dingy, worn, tattered, just don't look the same.
Time for winning, not losing with lames looking for attention and fake fame.
Take a look in the mirror as your fakeness goes up in flames.
No need to complain, accept you messed up, move on, but things will never be the same.
Bout that time of the year for a season change.
Time to put an end to the pain.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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