No, I won’t cease
Yes, I won’t stop
Maybe you know me
As the face of a clock
I am like a river,
I have a flow
You can go with me,
Or against my current you can row
I can drag
And I can fly
I can pass in the blink of an eye
I’m what some people have to live by
I’m quite old,
Yet ever young
My name is frequently uttered
By the tongue
“Hey, what time is it?” Or
“Look at the time! I’m late for work!”
I also prove tedious
For those whose duties they shirk
I am the beginning and end of all
I silently watch as empires rise and fall
I observe the patterns in the ways of the world
Much like needlework, maybe slightly unfurled
Though not alive, I have hands and a face
Like the wind, I’m never just in one place
Although it is said that I can stand still
You’ll never really catch me until
No, never mind, you just can’t catch me
I’m what some like to call ‘free’
Others say that I am money
I’ve always found that rather funny
For the one thing that I truly am
Is simply just my name


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