Wed, 07/16/2014 - 01:37 -- green80

What is this life we live?

We can’t get back the time of day

We learn, we work, we suffer

We give our precious time away

The memories we make

The lessons that we learn

The experience we gain with every day

The time slowly burns

It wastes away to nothing

Disappears without a trace

We grow; we age, and someday, die

We cannot keep up with its pace

For us there is a certain amount

Of time that we are allowed to spend

For time itself, on the other hand

Its greatness has no end

It has seen planet earth

In its earliest days

It remembers the age of the dinosaurs

And the wars that man has waged

It has witnessed the rise and fall

Of empires, small and great

Soldiers, politicians, and dictators,

Who swiftly met their fate

It recalls a time when the waters of the earth

Ran crystal clear and pure

Long before the atmosphere was destroyed beyond a simple cure

Before the environment

Was polluted and wrecked by man

When the Native Americans lived in peace

Across this beautiful land

It has seen the beginning and the end

Of billions and billions of lives

Some good, some bad, some young, some old

All were destined to die

Long after the earth is destroyed

And we are dead and gone

Time will continue its relentless reign

Its appetite for life is strong

Swallowing everything in its path

Destroying it all as it goes

Never even skipping a beat

How long it endures no one will know

We will live our lives

We will fade away

In the end, time will win

So just live for today

Don’t think about tomorrow

Or the stress it may bring

Just live in the moment

And cherish everything

Live a carefree life

Full of great times and laughter

Do not waste your life away

Worrying about the final chapter

Enjoy this small sliver of life

Before it fades away

Live it to the fullest

Because tomorrow might be the day

That time catches up to you

And devours you in one bite

You can try as you will

With your final fighting might

To outrun the beast

And escape it once and for all

But you will fail as those before you did

In the end, time devours all.


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