To Tidy a Day

Wed, 02/01/2017 - 21:20 -- Mateos

A twist of the limbs off the tree makes an entire population cry.

For plants do not matter, but the tongues that leave a worse bite.

Eyes are decieving to one's own set,

They roam off to quickly than the breaths we emit.

There is no point unless the solution is sharpen by the air.

I would not dulge into conceive a thing not worth being.

Many think otherwise since there is much more space to fill in.

Should the rain quiet down to never hear a drop more

Or the sun ceaseing to rise and greet the laying dew?


Words from the wise lose their scent in new fogs.

A clear day lives to tell the mockery of the past night.

My wounds run deeper than a stream along the painful mountains.

Rolling hills cant't keep the sky together any longer.

Gray fields shower with lime to bid farewell away the winds of Europe

While the flowers stand tall in the star's gaze.

One way or another,

A golden arch crumbles into bridges of stone.


Changing the atmosphere is easy with the answers floating.

Lavenders seals a worry that empties an entire ocean.

I feel the trembles that mark the next move of my world.

I will not heed to view the rough clusters that drown me.

Bitter as it tastes, a sound quivers further into the hand

That lays upon the question of sweat.








This poem is about: 
Our world


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