Tick, Tock


Jupiter, Florida
110 N. Delaware Blvd., Unit 14B,
United States
26° 56' 11.598" N, 80° 7' 17.166" W

My brain does this thing.

Its invigorating and energetic.

It lets me believe that I can do anything.

It makes me happy, yet makes me insane all at the same time.

I think.

I think about the laughs I've shared,

the problems I've encountered,

the people that matter the most in my life,

my future....

But without it, 

I wouldn't have any new dreams or goals,

I wouldn't know what I like or don't like

I wouldn't remember anything, 

I would be nothing.

My thoughts make me,


Once I tick, I tock.

And it becomes a pattern that will never stop.

And that's what makes my thoughts, my life.


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