Tick tock



Tick tock

The famous cries of the clock

Teacher stands attentaive at the front

On the bad days she turns into a cunt

She goes about the class teaching what the state requires

Anybody stop to think that what they want may not be what we desire?

In history class we learn about the presidential affairs?

The election of 1808, I mean who really cares?

I’d rather learn about the impact of Marilyn Monroe

A classy intelligent figure or just another lucky hoe?

I want to  take classes that teach how to do taxes

How to type a resume or how to send faxes

I want school to teach me to do stuff that will help me in the real world

Currently I feel like I’m jumping from hoop to hoop, hurtle to hurtle

The idea of talking about gay marriage in a classroom is “inappropriate”

IS there some made up rule that you can’t? I want to know who wrote it.

Why can’t we talk about religion in the classrooms?

This holy man just walked the earth everybody assumes.

Tick tock, the bell has rang

The hums of chatter the children sang


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