Tick tick tickDoes my mind

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 12:04 -- apiatt

Tick tick tick

Does my mind really tick?

Is it a clock on the wall,

or a watch on my wrist?

What a funny saying,

that minds


I guess it must be because

our lives are run by time.

And our hearts are run 

by our Minds

So they must


I think my mind must not be wired right.

Because my Heart stutters of its own accord,

and it only seems to mess up 

instead of fix up. 

And I know that if it was following my mind,

it would be the Fixing Center of the World.

Of my world.

Because my mind is




But my heart is 




You can imagine,

and you'd be imagining right,

that my life is a 

Conflicted, weaving, unjulating, compressing, depressing, harsh, beautiful, wild, whacked

Uncontrollable Roller Coaster of events.

It's unstoppable,

it's nearly unbearable,

but it's mine.

And it's all because I don't


I Live.


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