A lot of people wonder 
They want to know what makes me tick. 
I take them by the hand and gently I tell them
Just follow me as I lead you into the world of Vic.
Judged by many, hated by plenty,
But grateful for the allies I get to choose and pick.
I take you by the hand and gently I say to you,
Just follow me as I lead you into the world of Vic.
My conscious is like a vast ocean,
Full of areas both deep and shallow
Ideas both good and evil
Not even the most adventurous would dare to follow.
Tales of of drugs and violence excites me.
Nature and harmony delights me.
I never know what my next plight be
When I party with the bros nightly.
If you would like to know more, all you have to do is ask politely.
I close my eyes and I see visions of meadows and trees,
Animals running wild and free,
Cherry blossoms and birds
A view completely indescribable by mere words.
However alongside the rivers and streams
I see visions of rifles attached with infrared beams.
Kingpins, drug hustlers,
Poverty, addicted costumers
Single mothers, death in the street
Estranged fathers making promises they can't keep.
These are the stories that I love to read
Felonious criminals committing illegal deeds.
Though none of these visions can compare
To the memories that my closest friends and I share.
Summer nights with the feeling of parties and laughter
Then hanging out at the McDonald's parking after.
I ask you is it possible to live any faster?
Even if so, this is the only life that I'm pursuing after.
The only thing that could console my heart any more
Is the vision of her simile in front of the sun setting shore.
Together holding hands as we watch the sun set 
I look up in the sky and I ask how much better could life get?
Now close your eyes and imagine my mind so calm and terrific
Now open your eyes and rest assure that I've just lead you through the world of Vic.


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