With a love for you as strong as mine
It’s difficult not to hurt you
Just like the kitty you find on the street
“So cute you could eat”
Even though it’s a silly idea,

It’s not like you didn’t truly consider it.
And I tried to be considerate 
With you and take you out to dinner first
Before I smothered you with my
Adoration for this beauty I’m not worthy of,
But the thunder that vibrates my heart
In the middle of this uncomfortable storm
As I walk to your door
Reminds my empty chest
That you are fragile.
And though it might hurt you, 
As you are a champagne glass
And I am a brick wall in your path,
To Collide myself into you
With the knowledge you will shatter
But the comfort in knowing it will
At least be into me
Is all the motivation I need
To grab an umbrella and run for it.
Only fools would stand with a lead heart
In the middle of the rain,
Their hair standing up from the shock of the lightening
Striking down right next to them,
Ignoring the chaos in order to question the noise
As if it couldn’t possibly just be the warning
Of a God you don’t believe in saying
“If you don’t move, this is going to fucking hurt.”
So I’m going to proceed with caution
With a carefulness I’m not familiar with
And do anything I have to,
No matter the weather,
Because a love like this is hard to quit.
And please don’t tell anyone,
Because other than to you,
I’d never admit
That I’m a little fragile too.
So if you’re not also careful with my heart,
You just might hurt it.
For I am only a mere champagne glass
Compared to your thunder.


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