Thoughts: The Virus That Killed

Dearest seven year old thoughts,  

you’re stupid



but it is not your fault.


The false words that teachers forcefully feed-

words that they do not even believe!

The mountain path that your parents shape-

which is not as smooth as they say.


They are all a virus that your mind could not detect

coming from left and right

your young impressive mind couldn’t fight.


As a seven year old, you believed them

“everything is possible”

was the pushing factor in the back of your mind.   


As a simple minded seven year old, you believed them

the saying “cheaters never win”

just seemed right.


As a naïve seven year old,you believed them  

“bad things only happen to bad people”

and you’re not one.


As a seven year old, who saw the world with so much light, 

                        you believed them

too young,

too simple minded,

too naïve,

you never had a chance.


But let me tell you my dearest seven year old thoughts,

those viruses will be deadly

when you find out that life is not the way you thought

you will shape your life on the assumption that everything is possible


then senior year will come

and you’ll be top of the class,

thinking you’re doing great,


until you turn around and see a path

where no one is whispering “it’s going to be okay."

You’ll see those who didn’t try

live their dreams because they have the greens.


The path your parents shaped is rocky as hell

and the top is so high

you can’t even tell if it’s actually there


Suddenly, you’ll be walking home from your job,

you can’t afford a car,

a shadow will interrupt leaving your senses numb

to where you can only feel the cold floor

as they walk away with everything you've worked for.


Throbbing on the floor you’ll remember

the lessons about merit that your favorite teacher preached,

when you were seven years old


and you’ll realize how

your seven year old dreams

are stupid

and dumb.



the girl whose seven year old dreams ruined her life.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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