Thoughts from a Valued Mind

I'm one of kind 
Hard to find and I don't really mind 
If yall talking bout the way I was design 
But keep in mind 
I'm not hesitant to cross any lines 
Pick up your weapon cuz homie I got mine 
Composition notebook full of poetic rhymes 
I don't need a .44 or nine 
Bullets written bold between the lines 
Ink color of gold 
thoughts from a valued mind 
Elevate to higher heights to unwind 
Kick back a little with a Corona and lime
I'm going nowhere with your time 
But I'm making mine worth more than yours 
Can't help the fact you're easily ignored
When staying happy feels like a chore
She's the apple of your eye till she eats you to your core 
For sure what's more 
Go ahead and pick up a whore 
40 dollars an hour then she's walking out your door 
You accomplished nothing in the last hour and 34 
You loser, you need a tutor for your life.
You want a queen to feel like the ruler of your life 
Then measure your sins and consequences from lies 
Karma's gunna bite you within just complications to your life 
Failure is clouding the pupils in your eyes 
What's next you're just gunna be a production of homicide? 
Or suicide as sacrifice to gain attention as a prize

pause and find purpose to realize

You're worth more then what society decides

Evil never sleeps now that shouldn't be a surprise

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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