Thoughts of a Troubled Mind

I sit here and write this while I let these tears flow

When all of this will end, I may never know

The thoughts in my mind move fast but, the time moves drastically slow

Constantly asking myself whether I should stay or go contemplating the present but, still considering tomorrow

Constant Happiness, is something that I crave

Not constant uproar that might send me to an early grave because the last I checked I was someone’s child and not a personal slave

My mental thoughts of you may be associated with the word filthy and I noticed you only come looking for me when you feel a little guilty

I don’t stress it I just see your character clearly leaving me here feeling a little weary

Weary from all the bullshit and I really just want to end it

They say talk it out to fix it but, there will never be enough words for people to comprehend it.

Do you love me?

Do you care?

Can you answer all these questions and not just look at me stare.

This is all continuing to be too much to bear.

My heart rate shoots up and trying to take in the needed air, two eyes begin to fog and it creates a scare

Outside parties may appear the understand and get it but, the truth is they never will they’re just aware

Aware of most of the things that occur but, the question is how much more can I endure?

I’m not sure.


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