Thoughts on Teachers

Teachers who teach for the sake of their students should be celebrated.

Too much homework or too little, with good intentions should be venerated.

But whether they teach well, or poorly, too slowly, or at a fast pace,

There are certain things a student just cannot say to their face.


You punished that girl too harshly, and you're overreacting

Your moles might be cancerous, and your bald spot is distracting

You're theories are far-fetched, is the least I can say

There's no way the mafia killed JFK.


We don't care about your husband, no matter how adoring

And your baby can crawl to the moon; it will always be boring

No, none of us understand your reference, or how it is linked

We were born AFTER dinosaurs went extinct


All this and more, I would say to certain teachers that I know

All this and more, we would all like to say, just to have one go

That they slack off and let their students behave recklessly

Or even that their pants are nice and they're kinda sexy


It's not all appropriate

It's not all kind

But it's not all serious

And would provide peace of mind.



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