Thoughts, ideas, creation = Everything

Tue, 07/29/2014 - 18:30 -- JadaKai

Constant thoughts fill my brain

toppling over each other.

I try to process each one

but fail to remember them all.


I have to grasp onto one

and run with it,

creating a new world

from a single idea.


A face, a glass of water,

a rainy day, sunrise;

one object is enough 

to create another realm.


The flow of it, the 

actions and thoughts,

is something that

music helps me create.


When music graces my

ears with its presence,

I don't just listen,

I create.


Poetry, a way to pass

the time while I'm 

at lunch or in a 

classroom full of noise.


I refuse to let the

restraints of social norms

confine my mind to teenage

angst poetry.


I have to explore the minds

of those that most would

not dare nor want to



Psychopaths, criminals,

the personas my poetry

thrives off of tends to

give others the chills.


Analyzation is my mind's


I have to evaluate every

sentence, expression, and situation.


My life is full of characters,

stories, possible solutions

to every situation, and

much needed solitude.


Alone is when I'm

most thoughful and productive.

Alone is when my

stories take shape and become real.


I need freedom from the

anxiety of attempting

to hold a normal conversation 

for more than a minute.


I am happy to be me

because being someone

else would only

cage my heart and mind.






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