Thoughts and Feelings

Thu, 04/01/2021 - 17:13 -- HailsM

Murder and suicide

Neglect and abuse

Abandoned and rape

Worthless and confused


Striving to live

Dying inside

Running from yourself

But there's nowhere to hide


Unloved and hated

Tired and torn

Scarred and ugly

Ashamed and wishing you were never born


Living is just a waste of death

Ans life is just a dream for the dead

Trying to forget

All the times you've bled


Miser and guilt

Insomnia and insanity

Agony and failure

Betrayal and vanity


Hating the world

In a painful place

Trying to hide

Tears that run down your face


Shattered and numb

Lifeless and dying

Damaged and destroyed

Regret and crying


You never sleep

Listening to the haunting screams

And living life

In your wicked dreams


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