The thought of coming home

The thought of coming home to you after a long day

Keeps my bad thoughts away

And reminds me

That you are there for me always

Without you

Id be nothing 

And lose my purpose in this world

And as I realize how overwhelming this world is

You keep my nerves calm

And comfort me 

When no one else is there 

The thought of laying in bed by you every night

Brings me tears

Because your warmth keeps me comfy 

And Ill never get old of that

As I keep you on my mind

My strenth and hope is restored

Because I have you

And I know you wont leave me

For we are meant to be together

I couldnt ask for more

When you sleep

I cant complain

Because just seeing you lay by me 

Reminds me that you arent leaving me ever

I love you

And I always will


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