Though you're M.A.L. for me.


Though you hurt me,

and left me alone


and unable to speak my mind,

I am here. 


Though you finally showed you cared

by telling me you'd never stick around for a child,

I am here.


Though I am a lost cause and a hopeless romantic,

I am here!!! 

I have always been. 


I said goodbye to him, my baby... our baby.

I dropped the idea of you coming back.


How dare you act like nothing ever happened!?

Thinking we could pick up and be best friends all over again. 


But here I am. I've been waiting. 


All you do is tease me. 

That day at the mall will be remembered as the best day we've had in years. 

I kept thinking you still loved me. 

You still have all of my things so why wouldnt you? 

Am I crazy for wanting to run backwards?


Though you change your mind and you leave me in an instant,

I am here. I've been waiting. 


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